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Yoga Swing

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Improve your practice at home with this fantastic yoga accessory. The swing looks a bit like a hammock (and can be used as one) with the main component being a pelvic waist sling which allows you to move and stretch vertically, horizontally or to move into a complete inversion.

The ultimate yoga accessory

On either side are two arm and leg handles with two additional handles at the top. This yoga prop is a safe and fun way to strengthen each pose. It's lightweight (ideal for travelling), durable and available in a range of colours. It's manufactured in a small factory in Ubud, Bali and a donation is given back to the Ubud community with each sale of a swing.

About the Yoga Swing

The Yoga Swing is light, versatile and beneficial in a variety of ways, helping tone, stretch, strengthen and rejuvenate the body.

The main component of the Yoga Swing is the pelvic waist sling, which is also suitable for use as a relaxing hammock. Either side there are two arm and leg handles at adjustable heights, with two additional handles at the top.

The unique design allows you to move and stretch in every conceivable position; vertical, horizontal and total inversion. Demanding balance and awareness, the yoga swing takes your practice to new levels, utilising more brain neurons and muscle fibres than any ground or water exercise. The Yoga Swing provides a complete body workout in a fun and relaxing way with numerous therapeutic and physiological benefits.
Iyengar Yoga

Yoga has been practised in the East for thousands of years and more recently the benefits of yoga have been recognised by the West - an improved quality of life physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

In India, B.K.S. Iyengar masterminded the techniques now known as "Iyengar Yoga" which is followed by certified teachers and taught throughout the world. As these techniques can be used by all practitioners of yoga, Iyengar has made it possible for ordinary human beings to experience the wisdom of the yoga sutras.

Iyengar yoga is a way of life and regular practice integrates the body, mind and emotions. The use of props such as the Yoga Swing, which originated from Iyengar, helps you the practitioner to achieve perfection in any yoga posture (asana).

The Benefits of the Yoga Swing

The Yoga Swing is the ideal way to safely practice inversion therapy, for gentle stretching of the spine. It relieves pressure on the vertebrae caused by your own body weight, gravity, poor posture and lack of exercise.

Comfortable and flexible, the Yoga Swing can be quickly and easily adjusted for a variety of positions and is versatile enough to provide a real workout and overall yoga development in a safe environment.

The Yoga Swing can be used to practice many yoga postures, such as downward dog, providing additional support to help train your mind and body to achieve the correct posture.

Ideal for both teachers and practitioners, the Yoga Swing is great for people wishing to differentiate their teaching and add a new dimension to the yoga class, by outfitting your studio with several swings.

The Yoga Swing is ideal for couples practising partner stretching. It can also be used to open the heart chakra and is great fun as a Sex Swing, exploring a variety of positions you can only imagine without one!

Light, durable and compact, the Yoga Swing can travel with you everywhere, even when you’re backpacking, for yoga everywhere you go.

The Yoga swing is easy to install, it will soon become a regular part of your daily life.

Manufactured in Bali

Yoga Swings are made in a factory located in a small village in Bali, where yoga has been a way of life for hundreds of years.

Each Yoga Swing is handmade by our trained staff using the highest quality components and tested for strength and integrity.The Bali Yoga Swing is the finest yoga prop in the world. It is a Vitality 4 Life approved product and exported worldwide.

The revenue generated by the Yoga Swing factory assists in running programs to help provide food, shelter and clothing for homeless children in Ubud, Bali.


The Bali Yoga Swings are made from the highest quality nylon fabric available. It is the same parachute fabric used by airborne skydivers. The material is comfortable enough against the skin and breathes avoiding any sweaty feeling. The nylon fabric won’t mildew, is washer friendly and will last for 5 to 10 years with normal use.

These are made from black durable sponge foam like bicycle handle bar foam and give a non-slip, comfortable grip.

These slide up or down and can be cinched around the feet to keep them locked around them during movement.

The 5mm Stainless Steel Hooks are super strong and will never rust.

Adjustable height
The system is simple and quick to adjust from one level to another. The Swing can be used by itself or the handles can be used with the Swing or the Swing can be removed and the handles used by themselves also. The 6mm nylon rope is 120cm long (2 included) has four levels of adjustment and can be custom finetuned by yourself by moving the knots up or down.


Your swing is relatively simple to install. You will need:

    * Tape measure
    * Additional strong ceiling rope
    * A ladder or chair

You may need ceiling hooks if no beam or place to tie a rope exists. (An 8mm thick or 1/4″thick steel hook of 8cm or 3″long wood screw tip). Hooks are available at local hardware store.

The rope included with your swing is for part of the adjustment system. You will need approx 5-6 metres of additional strong rope to mount around your home beam.

Firstly, select a safe spot where there is at least 60cm (2 feet) of space in all directions. This is the minimal amount (one metre or more space is ideal).

The beam must be sturdy and not termite infested. Test the strength of the beam if necessary by putting two people in the swing.

Outside on the balcony or verandah are ideal locations for the Yoga Swing. Places where others can enjoy it too are also good, in the living room or even in the bedroom if you purchased the Sex Swing.

Place a rag over the beam where the rope drops over and down to the floor. Over time the rope could become worn causing failure without this cloth.

1. Tie a strong knot in the rope when the looped end becomes level and measures 260cm or 8 feet from the floor to rope loop.

2. Wrap knotted adjustment rope around loop as shown.

3. There are 4 adjustable positions you may clip the Swing handles. The handles are best on the top knot where the lowest handle becomes a foot stirrup for sky walking and skier exercises. You may enjoy experimenting yourself.

4. As for the Swing, the ideal heights are the middle and other 2 lower knotted positions. The lowest position is good for floor work, for example stretching the lumbar area or doing inverted shoulder stands.

5. The Swing saddle hanging free should be about hip level. When inverting your head should be free of the floor. Adjust knots either up or down to the correct height. Try one test inversion to see that there is at least 10cm space between your head and floor.


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