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Oscar Neo DA-1000 Ultem Tough Juicer

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The world's first single gear juicer with a pulp adjusting knob!

The Oscar Neo is more than just a juicer…The Oscar Neo Juicer is a Fruit Juicer
The Oscar Neo efficiently juices soft and hard fruits, even citrus fruits – juice limes, skin & all!

The Oscar Neo Juicer is a Vegetable Juicer
The Oscar Neo extracts the maximum juice from celery, carrots, peppers, radishes, cabbage, kale, in fact all vegetables including leafy greens such as parsley & spinach, without destroying the vital enzymes!

The Oscar Neo Juicer is a Wheatgrass Juicer
Wheatgrass, aloe leaves, pine needles and other medicinal herbs which can be juiced with the Oscar Neo.

The Oscar Neo Juicer is a Mincer/Blender
The Oscar Neo chops and minces garlic, scallions, red pepper, ginger, radish and many other foods, including herbs and seasonings. Organic baby foods or soft foods for palliative are quick and easy to prepare with the blank screen provided

The Oscar Neo Juicer is a Pasta Maker
Make fresh noodles in just minutes with the handy pasta nozzles & some fresh juice added in for extra nutrition!

* Juicing Fruit and Vegetables
* Wheatgrass, aloe leaves and other herbs
* Makes fresh pasta
* Great for mincing chops and minces and range of food
* Makes healthy desserts and sorbets (100% natural)
* Nut butters, hommus and tahini’s

The Oscar Neo Juicer also has one optional front end attachment available!

* Multi Slicer Attachment

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Upgrade your single gear juicer front end - The Oscar front end fits on most single gear juicers

Silicon Seal Juicing Screen




5 Step Auger Crushing System

Pulp Adjusting Knob

World’s first ultem tough Oscar Neo

Ultem is a FDA registered food grade poly carbonate. The hardness of this material means not only parts last longer but also the engineering tolerances can be smaller creating a greater crushing and squeezing action.

The world's first single gear juicer with a pulp adjusting knob.
The New Oscar Neo features a pulp adjusting knob meaning you can now control the pressure inside the machine. This feature has only previously been available on the expensive twin gear machines. This means the Oscar Neo puts you in control of crushing and squeezing the cellulose wall of the cell releasing maximum enzymes and nutrients into the juice.

The Oscar Neo includes the parts required to make nut butters, frozen fruit ice-cream, baby foods, pasta, gourmet dips & tapenades and much more. With the Oscar, the pulp is expelled from the front of the juicer, creating a continuous juicing action. No clogging, no noise, just healthy juice packed with living enzymes for Vitality!

Low noise, easy cleaning and continuous juicing makes for a whole new juicing experience and you’ll notice the difference in the taste of living juice.

With a combined motor & gearbox producing greater torque, a 200 watt motor gives ample power and you get twice the operating life. All internal clips and wiring are fully insulated for safety and to prevent corrosion. View the comparison between the Oscar Electricals, and other juicers.

An Oscar Neo juicer is superior to all other centrifugal and single gear juicers and literally pays for itself within months through lower health, medical, fruit and vegetable costs.

It can perform a multitude of tasks including juicing, grinding, ice cream making, past and noodle making and more. It comes with a twenty year motor warranty, a five year juicer head warranty, 10 years warranty on other parts and our one month money back satisfaction warranty.

Colours Available: The Oscar Neo is available in chrome, white, black and wine - all at the same price.

Warranty: 20 years on motor & gearbox, 10 years on parts, 5 years on juicer head.


Oscar Neo DA-1000 Ultem Tough Juicer Ice Crusher/Multi-Slicer Attachment

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With the Ice Crusher/Multi-Slicer attachment, the Oscar can crush ice to a high standard. You can also process vegetables which are the ideal thickness for stirfrys - the Oscar will slice the vegetables thinly, to an 'almost full moon' shape, so your food can be cooked for a minimal time to assist in retaining more nutrients. The Ice Crusher/Multi-Slicer attachment is easy to attach to your Oscar Juicer, so there's no mess and no fuss.

The attachment simply clips onto the Oscar, replacing the original front end, so there's no need to change any locking clips.

The Oscar Ice Shaver/Multi Slicer Attachment is a must have!

Slices vegetables effortlessly for stir-fries and instant salads.
The Ice slicer is designed for the general preparation of Ice based drinks and Frozen cocktails - also ideal for garnishing plates.

* Perfect slicing results in no time. No mess, no fuss and no cut fingers.
* Easy to use - just screws onto the front end of your Oscar.
* Good sized feeding chute so you can slice most items from a single stick of celery to apple pieces.
* Slices are thin and consistent without the mess of using a knife.
* Safe to use - fingers are always at a protected distance from blades.
* Achieve better results in less time and with less effort.
* Slices Tomatoes, Oranges, Lime and Lemons. Even Shaves Ice - Perfect for Cocktails, Drinks, Parties & Slurpies!

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Slice potatoes into the finest, consistent chips. Create fantastic looking Julienne veggies for your next stir fry. Grate cheese and fruit for intense flavour-filled pies, casseroles and deserts. Slice fresh vegetables for the best looking salad you've ever made. You can slice up most fruits and vegetables. It's all possible with the Ice Shaver/Multi Slicer Attachment, and it's done in just seconds. Amazingly fruits and vegetables are not enough for this incredible device. It also shaves ice. That's right, perfect for your cocktails, drinks, parties and of course slurpies.

Whether you're an Experienced Chef or a Home Cook, you will Love the Ice Shaver/Multi Slicer Attachment 


Please note: Oscar juicer not included with this item.

Watch the video

Please note this video shows both the Oscar Vital Max Ice Crusher/Multi-Slicer Attachment and the Oscar Vital Max Mincemeat Attachment which is no longer available.

Oscar 930 Pro Juicer - Hurom HU-100 Slow Juicer

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The innovative new commercial design of the Oscar 930 Pro Juicer (also sold as the Hurom HU100 Juicer) is rapidly becoming the #1 choice of juice bars, restaurants and even for the serious home enthusiast. Available in white or chrome for the same price!

    * More yield than ever before
    * Maximum nutritional value
    * Faster than ever before
    * More than just a juicer
    * Easy to clean & use
    * Quiet operation
    * Quality Construction Guaranteed

Maximize the nutritional and taste benefits of juiced fruits, vegetables, and grasses with the dual-stage extraction power of the Hurom slow juicer. Based on the powerful auger juicer style, this super-efficient unit uses a Low Speed Technology System to crush then press foods for increased yield with minimum waste. The extracted juice is smooth and consistent, loaded with antioxidants and vitamins, and free of foam, froth, or separation. Quiet and compact, the juicer can easily be left on a kitchen counter so it's ready to go at any time. It also self-cleans with water between produce items for convenient versatility. The juicer comes with fine and coarse dual stage screens, pulp extraction plugs, a self-cleaning screen holder, two 1.4L juicing cups, a tamper, a brush, and an instruction manual.

A revolutionary new design in Juice extractors that will turn other juicers on the market upright! The Oscar 930 Pro Juicer takes the single auger design made popular first by Samson, Solo Star and Omega Juicers, and takes the concept one step further. It will juice fruits, vegetables and even wheatgrass, slowly and efficiently & more efficiently than other single auger style juicers.

What is a Slow Juicer?

Slow juicer is a next generation juicer that preserves more vitamins and antioxidants using Hurom's patented Low Speed Type Screw(LSTS) technology. Slow juicer will allow you and your family to enjoy fresher, more flavorful and more nutritional juice everyday.

Dual Stage Juicing
- juice is extracted through the first crushing stage and before the pulp is ejected, it is then squeezed during the second pressing stage; resulting in more juice, and extremely dry pulp. 

Maximum Yield - The powerful juicing action of the Oscar 930 Pro provides the highest yield of living juice, making it the #1 choice for those producing larger quantities of cold pressed juice. In-house testing found the Hurom Slow Juicer yielded 50% more juice than a centrifuge juicer in 50% of the time. 

Heavy Duty Construction - Designed for heavy duty juicing, the Oscar 930 is built from high quality, commercial grade materials. With fewer moving parts, clean up is fast and easy and the Oscar 930 Pro is strong enough to stand up to the heaviest commercial use.

Versatile - The Oscar 930 Pro is more than just a juicer. With the Oscar 930, you can make a wide range of healthy smoothies, including soy, rice and nut based drinks. Just like you can with our other Oscar Juicers and juice extractors.

- Get the greatest amount of juice from the least amount of fruits. Peels and skins can be also used in various pastries, jams, soups, etc.

Better Juice, Healthier Juice - Enjoy more antioxidants, better flavor and superior freshness of your juice. No frothing or foaming, and none of the separation that occurs with other juicers.

Self Cleaning - Simply pour water through to self clean the juicer when changing to another fruit, vegetable or leafy green. Save time! Small Footprint - all of the performance of a masticating single auger juicer, but with less space requirements than most centrifuge-style juicers.

Small Footprint - all of the performance of a masticating single auger juicer, but with less space requirements than most centrifuge-style juicers

Vegetable Juice
- The Oscar 930 Pro juicer excels at making juice out of your favorite leafy greens and wheatgrass.

Silence - The Oscar 930 Pro juicer minimizes the noise by squeezing slowly rather than grinding at high speed like centrifugal juicers. The 8x harder auger is manufactured out of GE Ultem material.

The Oscar 930 Pro Juicer comes with fine and coarse dual stage screens, pulp extraction plugs, self-cleaning screen holder, two 1.4L. juicing cups, tamper, brush, and instruction manual.

Ideal for Juice Bars, Restaurants, Spas, Health Clubs and Wellness Clinics - even your own home for serious juicing power and economy!


Shipping Size (L x W x H) 40 cm x 17 cm x 25 cm
Shipping Weight 5.20 kg
Motor 70 rpm Single phase induction motor
Juicer Type Cold Press juicer & drinkmaker
Compatible Foods Wheatgrass, Fruits, Vegetables & Leafy Greens plus soaked nuts, beans, pulses & grains for drinks
Model No. Oscar 930 Pro - Hurom HU-100
Construction Food Grade Polycarbonate, Melamine (BPA Free)
Style Table top
Colour Chrome / White with green handle
Wattage 200 W
RPM 70
Motor Single phase induction
Warranty Domestic 20 Year Warranty on Motor, 5 years on Parts and Labour
Warranty Commercial 3 Year Warranty on Motor, 3 years on Parts and Labour