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Nature's ultimate detoxifier, purifier, cleanser and deodoriser.  Chlorella is a pure green microlalgae abundant in essential micronutrients and RNA/DNA nucleic acids.
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Lifestream Chlorella is a natural microscopic plant containing over 20 vitamins and minerals, 65% protein and is abundant in essential micronutrients and RNA/ DNA nucleic acids. It is nature’s richest source of Chlorophyll. As such, it has powerful cleansing and detoxifying properties and makes an excellent blood tonic.

Unique to Chlorella is CGF (Chlorella Growth Factor) – its inherent genetic stability gives it the potential to help repair damaged organs, tissues, DNA and RNA. DNA is the master substance of life carrying all inherited traits and directing the activity of each cell. The detoxification capability of Lifestream Chlorella is due to its incredibly high content of chlorophyll and its ‘cracked’ cell walls. They have the uncanny ability to ‘grab onto’ unwanted materials, pollutants and some heavy metal residues in the bowel and intestines and help to flush them from the body.