Waterman Portable Mini Water Filter: 600ml

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It's not a substitute for your own Jupiter Water Alkaliser, but it's the best thing going to take anywhere.

Just use the handy funnel top to pour water through the inbuilt repleaceable filter, and wherever you are you have dechlorinated, reduced fluoride, purified water with added calcium and magnesium, plus bio-energy.

Holding 600ml makes it convenient to take with you on a bushwalk or a picnic and for anyone straying from the comfort and health of their home Jupiter.

The Waterman Mini is a bio-mineral portable water source.  It provides you with clean, pure alkaline mineralised drinking water anytime and any place!

"..I received the jug and smaller water filter and I am most satisfied and impressed.
i have my little Waterman here next to me at work and wow the water is so sweet and fantastic tasting. I am finding that even though this is only the second day of use that my uptake of water is increasing.... it tastes so good i just want to drink more of it. Interestingly though is that despite me drinking more water, my bladder movements have decreased... what I am thinking is that perhaps more of this water is getting into my cells, with less needing to be expelled. "  ~Damien Bohler

Excellent Water Filtering Function

The Mini improves tap water, giving clean, sweet tasting water using the principles of nature.  Water passes through the filter under the influence of gravity.  Layers of natural ingredients are used including Somelite, activated carbon and coral sand.

Water remains fresh even during storage
The Mini uses “Somelite” to suppress the propagation of bacteria and to produce the minerals which are essential in the human body, including calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium etc.


Height:  190mm
Weight:  350g
Materials: ABS plastic and PET
Diameter of pot base:  100mm


Filter Replacement:

182 days or 800 litres - whatever comes first

Replacement Filter Cost: 1 = $22, 3 = $60