Noni Aloe BioBandage - Organic - Hawaii - 56g

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Due to the volume of calls from people who had converted their Noni Fruit Leather into a bio bandage in their homes, Hawaiian Noni decided to develop their own version of the bio bandage to make it readily available for our valued customers.  As an organic remedy, the Noni Bio Bandage can be applied directly to any injury!  This product has been so effective in healing bruises, fractures, strains, and sprains that even NCAA and professional athletes use it for its remarkable abilities!

Made with the same care and quality as the Noni Fruit Leather, the Noni Bio Bandage is sure to speed up your recovery time--whatever your injury is!

What can the Instant Noni Bio Bandage Do for You?

- Can helps heal some types of internal Injuries
- Speeds recovery time for sprains and fractures
- Helps restores damaged tissue including muscle, skin and bone

How To Use

Simply apply the Instant Noni Bio Bandage directly to the skin of the affected area and allow your body to absorb its healing abilities through your pores.  If necessary, use some athletic tape or a sports wrap to help secure the bandage.  There is no need to remove it in the shower or the bath, but if you feel like you need to replace your Bio Bandage, by all means, do so!


- Organic Noni
- Organic Aloe Juice(Aloe Vera, Xanthan, Potassium Sorbate, Ascorbic Acid, Citric Acid)
- Organic Oil of Rosemary

Customer Reviews

5/ 5 stars By: Nelson Perez
I used your instant noni bandage on my dog who had a tumor on his paw and within about a month of giving noni fruit leather , lavender lotion, and instant bandage my dogs tumor vanished! Couldn't be any happier. Thank you!

5/ 5 stars By: Sue Porter
Recently while pouring pot-roast drippings into a skillet to make gravy, it poured all over my left hand from wrist to finger tips and in-between the fingers. After submerging the hand in cool water to bring the temp down and hopefully prevent blistering, it was still very red and painful. I slathered the hand in your BioBandage and covered it with a clean white sock. The next day I rinsed it in cool water, applied the Lavender Noni lotion, and again covered it in a clean white sock. I repeated the BioBandage routine the second night, and by the second morning it was perfectly fine. No pain or tenderness, no blisters, no redness. I am very grateful for my sister-in-law's Noni gifts from her trip to Oahu in June, which led me to order additional Noni items. Thank you for a wonderful product!