Goji, Chia & Spirulina Luvju Raw & Organic Superfood Bar 45g

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This superfood bar combines sweet organic figs with nutritious Goji Berries, Chia Seeds and a 500mg dose of spirulina. The perfect healthy snack on the go!

What is it?
Since we wanted to invest all aspects of Luvju with meaning, the packaging we’ve created is based around the classic heart symbol, formed by placing two of our drop-shaped logos together. The wrapper is compostable and made using sustainably managed renewable resources such as non-GMO corn and wood cellulose. The artwork has also had a lot of time put into it, with a unique design on the front of each box incorporating totems, which reflect the spirit of each of the flavours. For our Chia, Goji & Spirulina Luvju, the totem we have chosen is the shell, to reflect the fact that spirulina naturally grows in the ocean.

How to use: Our Luvju makes for a deliciously healthy snack.

Ingredients: Organic Figs, Organic Activated Almonds, organic dates, Organic Goji Berries (9%), Organic Activated Chia Seeds (5%), Organic Brazil Nut Powder, organic spirulina (1.1% - 500mg)

Nutrition Information
Serving Size 45g

 Per ServePer 100g
   - saturated0.7g1.4g
   - sugars14.2g31.5g