Noni - Raw, Dehydrated & Organic

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Organically Grown in Hawaii and Picked at the Peak of Ripeness!

We truly believe these Noni products are the best Noni products available anywhere in the world. The low-heat drying process, below 45C, preserves the maximum beneficial medicinal qualities of Noni without fermentation, additives or preservatives.

Additionally, these products:
-  Are 100% Organic
-  Non-Fermented for Better Taste & Potency
-  Need No Refrigeration
-  Have a 2 Year Shelf Life
-  Contain No Additives or Preservatives

Our organic Noni lotions are excellent for skin conditions, sports injuries, arthritis pain relief, and sore muscles. If applied regularly, the lotion softens and tones skin. The 100% Raw Noni Fruit Leather is able to be used internally or externally and is made from 100% Certified Raw Organic Noni.

We supply noni fruit leather, noni lavender lotion, icyheat noni lotion & noni bio bandage.

Noni fruit is the product of a tropical plant known as the Morinda Citrifolia, which is in the coffee family.  Native to Southeast Asia, this plant was popular among Polynesian cultures for thousands of years because not only did it provide a rich source of nutrients, but it also served multiple medicinal purposes.

Noni fruit is believed to be so effective because of its antioxidant abilities.  In fact, Noni fruit is one of the world's richest sources of the potent phytochemical known as damnacanthal.  This compound is widely known for its ability to kill parasites, such as those responsible for malaria.

What's more, the antioxidants in Noni fruit help revitalize the body and eliminate free radicals.

Other functions of the Noni fruit include boosting the immune system, relieving pain and inflammation, as well as restoring bodily organs to their normal state.  This means it can help with everything from digestive problems and hormonal imbalances to cardiovascular trouble and nervous conditions.

Noni helps to help maintain and support health
- Cardiovascular Systems
-  Immune Systems
-  Cholesterol Levels
-  Blood Sugar Levels
-  Blood Pressure Levels
-  Joint Functions and Good Joint Health
-  Skin Tone and Texture

Traditional Uses of Noni:
-   Abrasions
-   Aches
-  Blood Circulation
-  Boils and Absceses
-  Bowel Disorders
-  Bruises
-  Burns
-  Immunity Weakness
-  Rashes
-  Sore Muscles
-  Sore Throat
-  Swelling
-  Toothaches

... And Much More!

With a 14 to 1 concentration, Noni helps maintain and support:

    Cardiovascular Systems
    Immune Systems
    Cholesterol Levels
    Blood Sugar
    Blood Pressure Levels
    Joint Functions
    Skin Tone & Texture