Wakame Fronds - Sea Vegetable: 300g

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The scientific name for wakame is Undaria.

It is one of the sweeter tasting sea vegetables, which requires little preparation. It has a silky, visually appealing texture and its delicate taste makes it easy to include in a variety of dishes. The black colour of the dried wakame will turn green when re-hydrating.

Mostly wakame is sold in crispy dry strips; Pacific Harvest wakame is prepared in convenient bite-size fronds that are ready to use.

Wakame sea vegetable is highly recommended in the Macrobiotic diet because of its highly alkaline qualities. In Japanese folk medecine, wakame is known as a cleanser and a strengthener of the blood; miso soup has been used for generations to aid in recovering from the effects of childbirth & illness & to protect from sickness.  More recently it has been discovered to help protect from the effects of radiation.

Wakame is also a good source of iodine and fiber. It is also high in calcium and iron, and is a good source of vitamin A, B12 and K.

This seaweed is well known because it is used in Japanese Miso soup. Wakame was introduced in NZ from the commercial boats and is considered a pest. As a result it can’t be harvested commercially at this stage because of the risks that it might endanger native seaweeds habitat if it is allowed to propagate.

This sea vegetable has a long black or dark-green color, feather-like leaf and it thrives in a wide variety of environments, which makes it very resilient.

It can be added directly to soups or stews at the ends of the cooking and will soak up some of the broth to get back to its original softness. When used for salads or as a vegetable, it should be soaked in cold water for 10 minutes or warm water for 3 minutes. It can also be marinated, blanched, steamed or quick roasted to be enjoyed as 'chips'.

Nutritional Information: Totally natural Wakame (undaria sp.) dried sea vegetable - free of additives.