Water Ionisers & Purifiers


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Chanson Miracle M.A.X. Water Ionizer (7-Plates, Convertible Counter-Top) $2,589.90
Chanson Miracle M.A.X. Royale Water Ionizer (7-Plates, Under-Counter) $2,789.90
Chanson Revolution Water Ionizer (9 Plates,Commercial Ionizer) $2,889.90
PJ-6000 Chanson Water Ionizer Replacement Filter $78.90


Alka Plus Alkalescent Mineral Pot: 1.5L
Waterman Portable Mini Water Filter: 600ml
AlkaPod Portable Alkaline Water Ioniser
Waters Super Ace Mineral Pot: 1.5L



BioStone .1 Micron Replacement Filter for Masterpiece & Technos Water Ionisers
BioStone .1 Micron Replacement Filter for Alphion, Delphi, Mavello, Melody & Microlite Water Ionisers
BioStone .01 Micron Replacement Ultra Filter for Alphion, Delphi, Mavello, Melody & Microlite Water Ionisers
Replacement Filter for Nifty Thrifty Water Ionisers
Coral Calcium Inserts for Water Ionisers
Jupiter Melody Under-Sink Kit
Jupiter Melody Bench-Top/Under-Sink Water Connection
2.5 L Brown Glass Bottle
Heavy Duty Kitchen Tap Fitting: For round taps without aerator thread
1 Micron Sediment Filter & Housing with inline adaptors for water ionisers
1 Micron Sediment Replacement Cartridge

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