Manual Wheatgrass Juicer - Stainless Steel - JSS27

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Perfect for travelling or in the home kitchen

If the need for a juice creeps up when you're on the road, out to sea, or at the office - just clamp down a strong and light manual juicer to a smooth surface, feed in your preferred fruit or vegetable and with a few turns of the arm you've got a living juice...where ever you are.

Wheatgrass juice is nature's great healer. Thirty mls of freshly squeezed juice contains as much nutritional value as approximately one kilo of fresh green vegetables in vitamin, mineral and amino acid content.

Now you can juice 30 ml of wheatgrass juice easily with this quality stainless steel, hand powered juice extractor.

This sturdy and hygienic stainless steel design is reminiscent of the solid workmanship of the 'old' meat grinders.

With a turn of your hand you can also juice soft fruits and vegetables, berries, barley grass and leafy greens. This model comes with a control screw for adjusting pressure inside the juicer so you get maximum juice.

It clamps to your tabletop with protective rubber padding.

It's easy to operate and comes apart for easy cleaning.


Compatible Foods:
   Wheatgrass, Fruits, Vegetables & Leafy Greens

Weight: 3kg

Warranty: 3 years